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Title: Double Glazing
Think about all the times the glass of the control room at the SGC has been broken and then try and not imagine a glazer coming to put you in a new pane of glass.
271 Words.

"So what goes on 'ere then?" the glazer asked looking around the room at the sheet covered walls and desks. He looked out the hole where some glass was supposed to be and down at a round sheet covered monstrosity.

"Deep space radar telemetry," Walter replied.

"So what's that then, big space radar?"

"Something like that."

"Top secret is it?"


"Scared I'm gonna pull the sheets off are ya?" he said, nodding towards the armed guards around him.

"Can't have you seeing classified materials Sir."

"It's Tony, please," he said smiling, "worked a job down Area 51 once. Nice lot down there. Bit weird." He made the crazy sign at his temple. "Too much time with the aliens I reckon."

Walter coughed and the glazer gave him a good pat on the back.

"Cough it up son, might be a gold watch."

He laughed loudly, and when Walter didn't say anything he looked back at where the glass used to be.

"Well, I'll get to work, any chance of a brew?"

"Excuse me?"

"Tea! A cup of tea me old china. Don't say you've got none, never had any at Area 51 neither, though bet them aliens drink protein shakes and all that."

"I'll see what we've got"

"Good lad. I'm sure Mr, what was your name again?"


The glazer paused with a confused look of his own.

"I'm sure Mr Teal'c here would love a brew? Though all you yanks drink coffee I suppose. Can't imagine that's much more appealing to an alien hey?"

He laughed again as Walter scuttled off, and finally pulled his tape measure out.
Tags: fic, tv: stargate
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