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Fic Certainties – Josephine/F!Lavellan (NC-17) 1/2

Title: Certainties ½
Fandom: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: NC-17
Character/Pairing: Josephine/F!Lavellan
Summary: Leliana catches both Josephine and Ellana pining for each other.
Notes: More people getting caught masturbating. This time by someone else. Part One of Two. 2039 words. Patrons get to read it a week early.

Josephine was in love.

Despite what Leliana said about her experience, Josephine knew she was in love. Nothing else explained the way she felt about Ellana Lavellan. The way her heart raced and her mind stuttered and her stomach flipped over whenever she though about the elf.

It was everything and nothing like she’d read about before. Everything and nothing like the way Leliana had spoke about Elissa Cousland. Everything and nothing like the way she expected it to be. It takes over her entire heart sometimes and every thought she has is about Ellana.

Sometimes it’s all she can do to keep her composure around the Inquisitor.

As it is she’s only just managed to reach her chambers with minimal fuss and embarrassment, hoping Ellana hadn’t noticed her flustered appearance and nervous stutter. She was a diplomat, she used words, they were her power but when it came to Ellana she lost her ability to speak any language, let alone remember any of the smattering of Elvhen she’d learnt over the years.

Alone she was safe, with her thoughts. With her love and her lust.

She loved the woman, adored her, wanted her.

She held off on the heat pulsing through her, performing her nightly routine. Stoke the fire, put away her things, remove her jewellery and lock it away. Make a final cup of tea. All while thinking of Ellana. All while distracted by Ellana.

The fire roared a little too hot, and she forgot the combination to her jewellery box, her sitting room not nearly as tidy as she would normally like. Spilt a little tea but got into bed without any major incidents.

She considered trying to sleep.

Considered finishing her tea, blowing out her candles and closing her eyes. Considered the idea she might be able to sleep, to get the thoughts of Ellana out of her head long enough to get some sleep.

At least without touching herself.

On nights like this, after long days spent in meetings with Ellana it was all but impossible. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to touch herself – she was no prude – but she felt wrong doing so thinking about the Inquisitor. Thinking about the woman hailed as the Herald of Andraste.

She often started thinking about someone else.

Anyone else.

Leliana. Sera. Cullen.

One hand on her breast, caressing softly, the other resting over her sex, above the silk nightshirt she wore. The pressure wad often a nice tease, a comfort too, her favourite way to start. No movement, just the pressure and heat of her palm on her clit and her fingers at her entrance. Sometimes she would fall to sleep like that; no real stimulation just soothing pressure. Sometimes that was enough.

Most of the time she needed more.

Usually when Ellana was involved.

She rubbed her palm over nipple, the silk of her nightshirt smooth and soft and making her sigh. She moved slowly, little by little, touch by touch, letting the feeling build. When she couldn’t hold back any longer she ran her fingers over her centre in a firm caress, pressing down on her clit briefly before following the path back down. She moaned and all thoughts of other people were banished; pushed aside by a vision of Ellana.

Ellana and her long blonde hair, her little nose and deep brown eyes. Ellana who was tall and elegant and disarmingly charming. Ellana in tight clothes that showed off her cute backside and gorgeous breasts.

Ellana and the way her lips formed vowels, the sound of her accent, the way listened so carefully, taking in every word.

Ellana who was so beautiful.

Leliana said she was smitten.

Josephine knew she was in love.

She pushed the nightgown up, dragging the silk over her body as she did so, the lace rough even as it was covered in Josephine’s slick head; a harsh counterpoint to the silk on her clit. She cried out, not quite sure what – words, noise – she cried out and pressed two fingers to her clit, pinching her nipple. More words, more noise, she found that perfect rhythm so easily, fingers rubbing and rolling.

She pressed her hips up as the pleasure built quickly, chasing more, giving herself more, wishing Ellana was with her. Wishing it was long pale fingers instead of her own shorter ones. Her pink lips on her breast instead of her own bronze hand.

She came too quickly, her fingers barely pushing inside of her, clit wet and slippery and sore too quickly. She came with a cry, Ellana’s name, perhaps, some Antivan curses.

It was too much, too quick but not nearly enough.

She groaned and pulled her hand away, wiping her fingers on her nightdress before curling up in her bed, sighing. She had taken the edge off but it wasn’t quite enough.

It never was.

Eventually she was going to have to deal with her feelings, with Ellana’s inevitable rejection.

How could see – a mere human, a lowly ambassador and a noble with more debt that her family could handle for much longer hope to ever court the beautiful Dalish Inquisitor.

Foolish, she was foolish and with that she fell to sleep.

Leliana had slipped into Josephine’s sitting room, placing her messages on the little desk there. She had been about to leave when she heard the woman moan from her bedroom. A sound she was familiar with but was curious about. When more wordless cries followed she moved closer to the bedroom door, every footstep silent as she moved to look through the small gap to ascertain the situation within.

Josephine had no lover this is had thought she’d been sure of. Her friends as insistent in her feelings for the elven Inquisitor.

She heard no other voice though, nothing to indicated another person on the other side of her door – the Inquisitor or otherwise. When she heard Josie called out the Inquisitors name on the tail end of a soft high pitched cry that Leliana knew very well, she smiled to herself. She took a quick glance inside to confirm she was alone, then heard a huff of annoyance that she also knew well.

Leliana sighed, perhaps it was time to do something about this. It was obvious Josephine was unhappy, given the sad little sigh she gave before she fell to sleep.


Ellana stretched out in her bed pulling the covers up to her neck. The mass of blankets were the only thing she really liked about her room. Everything else was too much, too big. The desk, the settee, the space between it all. The bed.

The bed was the worst part.

Perhaps it was because she was Dalish, humans seemed to be used to beds with too few people and too much empty space.

The empty space, that’s what she hated. So much empty space. She’d spent her life surrounded by people and trees and now it was empty space and an empty heart.

Well, not entirely empty.

Josephine Montilyet took up a lot of that space.

She was the nicest sweetest woman Ellana had ever met. Unbelievably beautiful. Funny. Kind.

Human, rich, completely unattainable.

Ellana always had liked to make life difficult for herself.

Her heart was pretty much split between her clan and her ambassador. Being without either was lonely, even if she could at least count on Josephine as a friend.

A very pretty friend.

A very pretty friends that Ellana wanted to kiss and strip and touch.

Thinking of Josephine just made her lonely and horny. She was pretty sure there was a word in Elven for that. A human! Of all the people to fall in love with. She understood the attraction of humans certainly, though she’d not had much experience with them until recently. Josephine was different from herself, from most elven women. Though no taller she was all soft curves instead of sharp angles and Ellana wanted. All soft dark skin instead of rougher pale skin and Ellana needed. All honey words instead of harsh tones and Ellana dreamt about it.

Ellana sighed, smiling as she imagined Josephine saying dirty things to her in that perfect Antivan accent of hers.

She slid a hand down her bare body, over her breasts, feeling her nipples harden as she circled them gently. She slept in the nude, had done since she was young having spent more of her life in warmer Free Marches. While it wasn’t nearly as warm in the Frostbacks – perhaps an understatement, she thought – she found night clothes too restrictive now.

She moved her hand further down, over taut muscles and the scarred skin of her abdomen, left hand burning all the while. It wasn’t enough to to distract her from the pleasure of her fingers running over her mound. She hummed, her thoughts on Josephine as she rubbed a slim finger tip over her clit, back and forth, little jolts going through her with each pass. She became slicker, slowly building the heat in her body.

Ellana imagined Josephine touching her – little hands between her thighs, pushing and petting. Imagined Josephine pulling her hand away so she could settle between her legs. So she could dip her head down. So she could take Ellana’s clit into her mouth. So she could make her scream.

And Josephine would, she was sure of it.

When it came to Josephine there were no uncertainties. She was certain she loved the woman and knew for sure it was all hopeless.

She pushed those thoughts aside for later, pushing two fingers into her body instead. The muscles were tight around her, all slick heat and pulsing pleasure and she pulled them out before shoved them back in a little harder.

If nothing else, she’d gotten a lot better at fucking herself since joining the Inquisition. The new privacy had afforded a lot of time, and with she had discovered a lot about her body. She crooked her fingers, every nerve on fire as she did so. She pressed a hand tighter to her breast, palm rubbing over the hard nipple. More little shocks ran through her and she found her voice, moaning out loud. She thrust her fingers in out of her body quickly them, gently tugging on her nipple.

More, she needed a little more, imagined Josephine giving it to her, giving her everything she needed and she moaned her name as she came, fingers deep inside her body. Every muscle shook, body clamping down on her fingers, Josephine’s name no more than a whimper as she came back down from her high.

She held herself still for a moment, breathing hard before pulling her hands from her body.

Every breath hurt a little, or perhaps it was just her heart and as soon as the high came it was gone again, replaced by the loneliness once more.

Ellana rolled over, curling up under the mass of blankets she needed to keep warm in the big empty room, unable to stop the choked sob.

Leliana was still thinking about Josephine as she let herself into the Inquisitor’s room and silently climbed the stairs. She had a pile of messages for her too, her ravens never stopped working. The inhabitants of Skyhold were used to waking up to a pile of new messages in their rooms, Josephine appreciated it in particular, but then, she knew Leliana well. Ellana had never had much privacy with the Dalish and hadn’t said anything about it one way or another.

She stopped when she heard a familiar noise. Lower than Josephine, but very recognisable and Leliana smiled, looking up stairs into the darkness. She listened for a moment as Ellana breathed and moaned through her pleasure, placing the messages on the top of the stairs. She turned to leave, stepping down two stairs when she heard something else.

A name.

Josephine, Josephine, Josephine.

Over and over, chanted between pants before Ellana came, breathy and hard.

This was something Leliana didn’t know.

She waited and listened as Ellana settled back down, frowning when she heard the choked sob that had followed. She definitely needed to do something about this.

Tags: fic, fic: femslash, pairing: josephine/f!inquisitor, pairing: josephine/f!lavellan, video games: dragon age
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